Who are you?

“Life’s roughest storms prove the strength of our anchor”

Who are you? Three small words yet a powerful question. I have knowingly been trying to answer that question for over 6 years, since having my first baby. As I transitioned from working full-time to staying home full-time, I felt lost and unsure of who I was. In reality, I think we are all trying to answer that question from a very early age. As I see my kids begin to search and define who they are, I’m reminded of the importance to where we anchor our identity.

Photo by Jena Meyerpeter

An anchor, by definition, is a heavy device attached to a boat or ship that is thrown into the water to hold the boat or ship in place. If you don’t have the right type or size of anchor, you will drift or crash during life’s storms. I have often secured myself to the wrong anchor; what people think of me, my role as a wife or mother, my kids behavior, successes, failures. Some of those things help define who we are but when we rely solely on them, we will soon face an identity crisis. Now is a perfect time to teach my kids (and remind myself) where our true identity lies. It is not what we do, what we control or what others say about us. Our true identity is that we are loved children of God.

A few years ago, during a Bible study, we practiced writing identity statements. We were encouraged to look up verses and write what God thinks about us. This is mine:
I am a loved, daughter of the King, co-heir with Christ, protected, work in progress, strong, free, covered in grace, and called by name. I love to look back at this when I am having doubts or feeling unsure of who I am. The more I read this and meditate on His word, the more I believe it and the doubts are silenced.

My hope is that my children know, regardless of their performance or abilities, they are valuable. I want to be intentional and purposeful to show them how special they are to God. This also means living in a way that shows I believe the same about myself. During their lives, they are going to hear countless voices telling them who they are. I want them to remember only one opinion matters. In God we have an anchor that will hold firm, no matter how big the waves are.

“See what kind of love the Father has given to us, that we should be called children of God” 1 John 3:1

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