Summer School

I glanced at the calendar this week and was shocked to realize another month had gone by. I had so many good intentions at the start of summer. I had reading programs lined up, crisp workbooks purchased, prizes to encourage my kids. And then I blinked. And another month was gone. I regretted the lack of teaching I had done. This felt like was a mom fail. The devil loves to do that, to put a tiny doubt in our minds and watch it grow. I began the comparison game and convinced myself all the other moms had been keeping up with their summer goals. I was the only one who hadn’t been diligent with her children’s academic future. Thankfully, before things got too much more dramatic, I decided there was no time like the present to whip out those workbooks and reading logs and start fresh. I knew deep down I wasn’t a failure. And after all, we still have ANOTHER WHOLE MONTH of summer vacation here in California. Plenty of time to accomplish some of the goals I had hoped to.

Finally putting those workbooks to good use

I  began to think back over the summer thus far, and I realized my kids had been learning the whole time. They had learned hospitality and how to be good hosts. They had learned about the importance of exercise and being outdoors. They had learned about the beauty of the ocean and the fun of the beach. They had learned about God and His love at VBS. They had learned about emotions and how it is fun to see old friends but hard to say goodbye. And countless other lessons. That is actually a lot of learning. And all those things are best taught by example.

So I decided to cut myself some slack and give myself some grace. There was still plenty of time to teach academics. But when I put things in perspective and saw the other things I have the opportunity to teach, workbooks just didn’t seem that important. I needed to remind myself to be present and realize each day has teachable moments. And thankfully, the learning never stops, even for me.

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