More than a table

It’s just wood, glue and screws, there’s nothing magical about it. But when I look at my dining room table, I see much more. It was a dream I had had for years, when I would finally have an actual dining room table. When we finally had a house with space for a large table, we began searching for the perfect one. After ordering it, and waiting months for delivery, it arrived. It arrived just before Thanksgiving and I wasted no time decorating it for fall. It fit perfectly in our dining nook, as if it were made specifically for that house. When we found out 5 months later that we were moving, I gave specific instructions that the house we bought HAD to have space for my table. My husband laughed. A few people even encouraged me to sell the table and buy a new one once we got settled. No. I had hopes and dreams for this table. It functions as a visual reminder and it goes much deeper than a piece of furniture. IMG_3367

My table serves a daily reminder of how important hospitality is. I know God wants me to be open and giving with everything He has blessed me with. Too often I make excuses why I can’t open my home to others. But I have been reminded several times over that it is a heart issue, not a home issue. Just like God always has room at His table for us, I always want to have room at my table for whoever needs to be there.

When I look at my table, I can’t help but think of all the fun that happens around it. Obviously, many meals happen there. We have family dinners as often as we can. Countless times friends have gathered together around the table and enjoyed the food as much as the company. My kids also use it as an art hub. Very often it is covered with construction paper, glue, markers, and crayons. Sometimes there is play dough there. Frequently after dinner, it becomes a family game table. Many Uno and Zingo games have happened there. It is also homework central. My table is a creative safe space.

I can’t help but think of God’s blessings when I see my table. The blessing of friendship, of prayer, of community, of creativity, of nourishment, of provision. I am humbled by how God cares about the little things. It made no difference if my table fit into our new house or not. But God knew it was important to me. I know it’s just a piece of furniture and it won’t last forever. But I’m thankful for the memories that have been made there and the ones still to come.

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