Roadtrip to Ripon

For spring break this year, my friend Tatiana and I decided to take a road trip and visit our dear friend Kathy.  Shortly after we moved here, Kathy was the first friend I made in SoCal and she made this place feel like home.  She immediately invited me to a Moms in Prayer group she hosted and was very instrumental in helping me feel settled.  Kathy, Tatiana and I all have boys named Levi,  who are the same age.  We quickly grew close and were soon known as the Levi Moms.  Sadly for us, last summer, she moved up to Northern California, back to her hometown to be closer to family.  We decided to use our time off school as a chance to visit her.  We were amazed how well our 4 kids did on the 6 hour ride up there.

Kathy was the queen of hospitality and welcomed us into her home.  She had an amazing dinner waiting for us when we arrived.

Dinner fun!

We all picked up right where we had left off.  The next day, after a delicious breakfast prepared by her husband, she had several fun things planned.  We took a hike along the river behind her house.  Next, she had arranged a babysitter to come for the afternoon and evening.  We were all giddy as we drove away after the sitter arrived.  We were free!

She took us to a neighboring town where we enjoyed cute wine tasting rooms, delicious restaurants and many antique shops.  We dove into deep conversation, laughed hard and ate well.  We arrived home to find her husband watching all 7 kids! The following day we embarked on a walk to a wild flower field and let the kids get their fill of nature.

After another fun lunch together, we reluctantly said goodbye. It was great to visit her, step into her new life, and hopefully encourage her.  I definitely walked away feeling encouraged and uplifted.  A sign of a good trip is feeling emotionally energized when you leave.  After another smooth car ride, we were back in Orange County.  The visit reminded us how much we miss Kathy and wish she lived closer.  But it also makes the time spent with her even sweeter.

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