Saying Yes to the Job

I remember sitting on our green velvet couch (a garage sale find), in our rented duplex, the day Matt came home from a college job fair.  He asked how I felt about moving to Omaha after graduation.  I thought it sounded like a fun adventure and was totally onboard.  10 years ago, the weekend after graduation, we rented a small U-Haul, and headed 5 hours north.  We rented a small townhouse in a part of town that in hindsight, probably wasn’t in the best area.  But it worked for us.

Matt’s first day of work

It was such an exciting time and we quickly found a church, friends, community.  I found an amazing job.  And we were able to buy a brand new couch, from a real furniture store.  We bought a sectional that was so big, it hardly fit in our townhouse.  But we said goodbye to the green, velvet, garage sale special.  We had it made.

College World Series


When I recall all the connections and relationships we made, I see God in every detail.

Small group= amazing friends
Amazing boss and coworkers

Although we were only there for 2 years, we put down deep roots.  I’m not sure what we were expecting 10 years ago when we said yes to our first move.  We were young and naïve.  But I can honestly say I  wouldn’t change a thing.  The many moves, the constant change, the stepping out in faith, has helped shape me into the person I am today.  There are certain things you learn only when your comfort zone is ripped away.  It is then you have to decide where you are going to stake your identity and purpose.

It can be difficult to go through life, not knowing how long you will live in a certain area.  It can be tempting to put up walls and keep people at arms length.  It can feel isolating and lonely.  But you always have a choice.  And friendship and community is a choice, even though it might not be forever.  A good friend encouraged me to put down roots with people, not places.  When I look at it through that lens, I have put down many roots, rich roots.  Roots I never would have been able to put down had I lived in one place my whole life.  While it hurts when I move or others move away, I know that I’m fortunate to have met so many great friends.

The past 10 years have been many things, adventure filled, exciting, trying, frustrating.  But most importantly, they have deepened our trust in God. (DISCLAIMER: we  are NOT moving or leaving Kiewit, this is just in celebration of Matt’s 10 years with the company)

Celebrating Father’s Day

It has been 8 years since I’ve had the chance to celebrate Father’s Day with my dad.  As I walk through stores this time of June, it’s hard to miss the displays of gifts for Father’s Day.  I find myself wondering what I would get my dad this year, if he were still here to celebrate.  When I see a unique gift or gadget, I’m curious if my dad would have liked it.

We always made a big deal about Father’s Day.  My dad loved a good party and enjoyed seeing what we would plan for him.   One year, my brother and I took him out on a pontoon boat and ended it with steaks on the grill.  Another year, my sister and I planned a seafood boil for him.  We had crawfish, shrimp, sausage, potatoes and corn.  He joked how he would eat seafood for every meal, given the chance.  Still another time we planned a fun brunch at a restaurant downtown.  The owner was a chef we enjoyed watching on TV.  Whatever we chose to do, it always revolved around food.

These days, my kids and I spend Father’s Day celebrating and honoring their dad.

I know how hard and how important a dad’s role is.  That’s why I am so thankful my kids have a dad who loves God, works hard to provide, shows up, loves to spend time as a family, spends hours playing catch with Levi and treats Ellie like a princess.

This Father’s Day, no matter what season in life you are, whether your earthly dad is still here or not, and regardless if he is or was a good dad, we all have a Father to celebrate. We have a Dad who we matter to, One who sees us, One who cherishes us, and One who will never let us down.  And regardless if this is a happy holiday or a hard one, we can be confident that we are wrapped in the unconditional love of the Good, Good Father.

See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! 1 John 3:1

My summer must haves

Now that summer is unofficially here, bring on the warm days spent outside!  Summer is absolutely my favorite.  I can easily fall into the slower rhythm of life, days spent outside, lounging by the pool.   I have some favorite items that are perfect for summer time.

First is my new water bottle, that I might be a bit obsessed with, my S’well bottle.  I love how cold it keeps my water and it easily fits into my purse or pool bag.  It never leaks and never sweats.  I slip a couple of lime slices into my water for nice flavor and encouragement to stay hydrated.IMG_4332






A friend gave me a Shop | Strands beach towel as a gift and I love it!  It is huge, absorbent, and super soft.  I use it as a blanket at the beach and the weighted tassels keep it from blowing around.  It can be washed easily and folds up in a neat bag.  The cute  design is just a bonus


Havaianas flip flops are my favorite, I wear them every day in the summer.  They are so comfortable and lightweight.  If you come to visit me, I may or may not take you to the Havaianas shop in Huntington Beach where you can custom make a pair.   I recently saw that Havaianas now has sunglasses, so naturally I needed some.  The sides are made of rubber and are very flexible, not too tight.  They have several cute styles and colors.

                                             Image result for slim steel grey havainas  Image result for havaianas sunglasses

Sun Bum is a great product line.   All of their products smell like you are vacationing on a tropical island.  I have used their sunscreen, hair products and chapstick and I love them all. Image result for sun bum sunscreen





I’ve been using Not Your Mother’s styling spray, on those days when it’s too dang hot to blow dry your hair.  It helps reign in the crazy waves I have.  They have several products for whatever hair type you have.

Finally, one of my favorite nail colors right now is Essie’s Mint Candy Apple.  It is a fun switch from the pinks and reds I normally wear.

Image result for essie candy apple mint

I hope your summer is off to a great start.  Let me know what some of your favorite summer items are!