Happy 5th Birthday Ellie!

My sweetest Ellie,

Happy birthday my princess. I cannot believe you are 5 today. I remember the day we met. You arrived on your daddy’s birthday, in a hurry. I should have known then how determined you would be. You completed our family and you keep us all in line.
You were a fierce baby, we called you our little bear for the first 2 years. I wasn’t sure you would ever sleep through the night, but you did. You wanted to be held everywhere we went. And then one day you didn’t. You use to be scared to go into the ocean, and then one time you ran into the waves. I blinked and you were 5.

You have so many wonderful attributes that make you unique. I love how driven you are. I love how creative you are. I love how you stand up for what you want and rarely let people change your mind. I love how kind you are to others, even strangers, when you sense they are sad. I love how confident and brave you are. Your sense of fashion is great, I hope you always keep me stylish.

My prayer for you is that you will continue to grow and love Jesus. I pray that you will always keep Him first in your life. I pray that you and Levi are always close, and that you always feel loved by me and dad. I pray every day for patience and guidance to strengthen your character. You are a light shining bright in my life. I thank God for you!

Happy birthday my love!


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