Mother’s Day Shoutout

I grew up on Applewood Street, in the khaki house.  It was a quaint and quiet neighborhood, with big trees and friendly neighbors.  It was unpretentious and welcoming, I was free to be myself.  

One of the first things I learned from my mom was how to be neighborly and kind.  In my earliest memories, I saw my mom putting love into action.  She often led by example in lending a helping hand, dropping off goodies, or simply stopping by to say hi.  She didn’t always explain what she was doing, she just showed me how.  IMG_3878

The khaki house has since been painted gray, but hospitality still flows from it.  The trees we planted as kids in the backyard now tower over the house and provide ample shade.  The basketball goal still sits near the driveway, tempting you to take a shot.  As new couples and young families begin to move into the neighborhood, my mom is finding new opportunities to be welcoming.  

This spring, my mom and a fellow neighbor hosted a brunch for all the women in the neighborhood.  They went door to door extending the invitation.  Food would be provided and only if they wanted did they need to bring a dish.  On the morning of the brunch, 17 ladies showed up ranging in age from 20 to 90.  My mom shared she had moved to Applewood in 1972 and had raised 4 kids there.  After the meal, she brought out a big bouquet of tulips.  She gave each lady a single flower and told them that together they made up the beautiful bouquet of the neighborhood.  How sweet!

As parents we know our kids are watching what we do more than what we say.  So here is shout out to all my mama friends who are speaking volumes with their actions.  To the ones who are creative and dreamers.  To the ones who are confident, sure of who they are and grounded.  To the ones who keep up on the fashion trends.  To the ones who are master chefs.  To the ones who are hilarious and can make me laugh so hard I cry.  To the ones who are healthy, disciplined and can share that knowledge with others.  To the ones who are always ready to listen and give sound counsel.  To the ones who are thoughtful and ready to bring meals for any occasion.  To the ones who are inviting and welcoming.  And to the ones who have been placed in my life at just the right time, to encourage and come alongside me, even if it was only for a season.  Your actions have been heard, loud and clear.  Thank you.  Keep up the good work moms!