Remodel Reveal!


It took a little over 4 months from start to finish, but I am happy to report our home remodel is done!  It was such a stressful project and it made the move much harder than a normal move.  But now it’s over and I’m so happy with the results.  Design and decorating do not come easily to me and I felt so much pressure to make the right choices.  Thankfully I really love everything we picked out and it’s finally starting to feel like home.  Check out the pics below!

Entry way/ stair case: 

We put in new balusters, painted the rail and put in new treads to match our new hardwood floors.





Matt had a vision of this island from the very beginning.  I was a little worried all the granite would make the kitchen feel cold so we decided to paint the island a different color.  We also put in a new hood vent, new appliances and new countertops all around.  We also found this great light for our breakfast nook that really brought the whole area together.




Master Bath:

When we originally started the project, our plan was new flooring, new counters and a new shower . We were going to leave the tub and just re-tile around it.  A couple of weeks into the project, I got an idea to take out the tub and put in a free-standing tub.  Our ‘contractor’ (who wasn’t really a contractor and we eventually fired) encouraged me it was no big deal to switch out tubs.  It turns out, it’s a REALLY big deal to do that.  But by the time we realized how big of a project it was, we were too far in to turn back.  There is a picture below of our bathroom mid-job.  It was completely torn down to the studs.  There were many tears and fears that I might never get my bathroom put back together.  But we did.  And I love it!  P.S. the tile floors are heated and they are a game changer!!





Front of the house:

After we bought the house, we quickly figured out that the garage stalls were too narrow for Matt’s truck.  Once again, no big deal.  We’ll just rip off the front of the house, reframe new garage stalls and viola!  Ha! Thankfully that project didn’t have any surprises and it went smoothly (minus the fact that the contractor only put plastic up as temporary garage doors while we were waiting for the new ones to arrive~ 2 weeks).



We did several other projects, new hardwood floors, interior and exterior paining, removing a wall, all new light fixtures, and lots of drywall repair. I’m happy to be closing this chapter and moving on!  Hope you enjoy seeing our new home!